What do I mean when I say Danu Press publishes “Strategies of the Spirit”?

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Why am I doing this?  In my 20+ years as an integrative psychotherapist I could only see one person at a time.  I want to share the expertise and information I’ve gathered with more people.  I created Danu Press so that I could do just that.

In my Strategies of the Spirit blog I write about practical, interesting and research-based methods that can help you live your life more wholeheartedly.  I  ponder some of the interesting facts and curiosities I’ve encountered over the years.  I am particularly interested in:

Positive Psychology
Dream Work
Energy Psychology
Practices that develop psycho-spiritual intelligence & wellbeing

I am an integrative psychotherapist (Mind, Body, Spirit).  I am very interested in the interface between perennial wisdom traditions, noetic sciences and practical neuroscience.  I like finding ways to make this information accessible and practical for your daily life.

I do my best to keep the posts short and sweet.  You can expect no more than one blog post per week.  Why?  I try to practice what I preach. 

We all suffer from “information overload”.  Information alone won’t enliven your life.  Wholehearted actions will.  

The Strategies of the Spirit blog has many creative suggestions for wholehearted action!

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