Sixteen Benefits of a SoulCollage Practice

SoulCollage® : The Positive Virus That Has Spread Like Wildfire
Have You Caught It Yet?

SoulCollage® is one of the most enlivening and beneficial techniques I have used in my practice…both personally and professionally. I’ve seen people fall in love with this practice because: Read More→

Couch Potato or Workaholic? Eleven Things They Both Miss Out On

What does a couch potato have in common with a workaholic?

Neither a workaholic or a couch potato understands the true value and benefit of well-spent leisure time.  It may seem strange, but our modern culture really encourages these two extremes:

  • Overworking, over “doing”, over-striving for goals that always live in the future
  • Under-Doing, under-engagement in tangible acts of wholehearted living today

On the one hand we are brainwashed Read More→

Two-Minute Power Posing Practice:  Improve Your Mood & Enhance Performance Success

Do You Practice Power Posing Yet?  Simple, Powerful & Research Based.

Your body language does not only express your mood, it creates it.  By power posing for only two minutes you can actually alter the hormones associated with a more confident, powerful presence.  Research now proves Read More→

Five Step Shadow Work Practice That Takes No Extra Time Out of Your Day

Recently, I found myself in the presence of someone who was continually spouting shallow, gossipy, racist and demeaning comments about others.  I can’t stand this type of talk.  It really triggers me.  I felt myself becoming increasingly tense, indignant and self-righteous.   Then I remembered the principles of Read More→

Positive Psychology + Ghandi?  Five Reasons Your Therapist, Minister, Life Coach, Teacher & Mother Need a Creativity Club

What do positive psychology and Ghandi have in common? 

This definition of positive psychology should make it obvious:

positive psychology, creativity club, practice what you preach , good example, strategy of the spirit, strategies of the spirit,

Ghandi practiced what Read More→

15 Supplements for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) & Mild to Moderate Depression

Seasonal Affective Disorder & Mild to Moderate Depression Season is Upon Us Again

Is it a coincidence that I’ve just been asked to give a lecture on this at Colgate University for the Shaw Wellness Institute program?  The lecture is for the college community only, but I thought I’d share a bit of the information I’m putting together with a wider audience.  The following information has been approved by this blog’s medical consultant Read More→

Home Biofeedback:  Proven Relaxation for Skeptics, Know-It-Alls & Non-Meditators

Biofeedback:  You Can’t Fool Mother Nature

Home biofeedback helps Sally sleep much better.  John stopped having panic attacks after practicing with it regularly.  Denise uses it to relieve chronic pain. High-achiever Bob thought meditation was nonsense and said he had no time for it.  He learned the hard way that his intellectual opinions do not Read More→

Dreaming in Color:  Quick 5-Step Dream Interpretation Tip

Dreaming in color does NOT necessarily mean that you actually see or experience the color in your dream. Many people do not see color in their dreams, yet there is, instead, just an awareness while dreaming that something is a certain color.  When analyzing a dream, simply having the sense that something in your dream was a certain color will be enough to let you use the great five-step resource mentioned below. Read More→