Why Bother?  My Answer. What’s Yours?

It’s Good to Know Why You Bother

  • Why bother being peaceful in a world that looks like it’s going to hell in a hand basket? A world that spends billions on warfare?
  • Why bother acting with integrity and honesty in your relationships in a world that tells us fidelity and honesty is futile, unlikely and optional?
  •  Why bother being financially responsible and mature when our government and financial leaders are not?
  • Why bother taking a stand for peace when the news is filled with increasing violence?  Or, for that matter, when “the land of the free and the brave” now resorts to hidden, degrading, and illegal acts of torture?

Etc. Etc. Etc.

why bother

It’s good to know why you might bother to take the time to do something.  Why make an effort, when clearly there are others who do not.  As each year comes to a close and a New Year approaches I always reassess how I spend my time and attention.  I ask myself, “Why do I take the trouble to spend my time the way I do? Why do I bother?” Here’s why I do. I know that …

Everything & Everyone Are Connected

We are all swimming in the same psychic soup.   Our behavior, emotions and thoughts have a far reaching effect, for better or worse. What do mine add to the cosmic soup?  Did you know that what used to be just called prayer is now being researched as “the effects of non-local consciousness.”  Researchers explore the mystery of consciousness and say,”Something unknown is doing something, we don’t yet know how or what.”

  • The mystics of every wisdom tradition and native culture have always known this.
  • Cutting edge science is now admitting this as well.  Are you familiar with the Research of Global Consciousness Project at Princeton University?  More than ten years of research is demonstrating that when large numbers of people are focused on something, random number event generators spread around the globe begin to produce non-random numbers.
  • Depth psychologists know that we all share information and connection through what they call the Collective Unconscious

Why Bother ? My Answer:  Be A Healthy Cell

I am an intuitive, right-brained person.  I tend to perceive information in why bothermetaphors, pictures and analogies. I am not a cell biologist, so while the following may not be 100% literally accurate on their terms, it works as an analogy for me.  The best way to explain why I bother is in the image of the SoulCollage® you see here.  I understand that the more healthy cells there are in a body, the healthier the body. The cells you see in this SoulCollage® are healthy white blood cells.  I am told there will always be some cancer cells circulating in any body.  That is normal. But as long as there are more healthy cells vibrating strong signals, the healthy cells will not be overtaken, and health will be the norm.  It is the job of white blood cells to help fight malignant diseases. When the integrity of healthy cells weakens the body becomes very vulnerable.

Humanity needs as many healthy cells as possible vibrating and sending our healthy, hopeful signals out into the world right now.  We need people to take a stand for their own wellbeing and to do what it takes.  We need to work to reestablish peace, integrity and dignity in our homes and personal lives and then bring that integrity into the community in any way we can.  We need to exert some effort to combat the growing cancer that is destroying us.  (See previous post: Hope With Muscle)  We need to use efforts of “non-local consciousness.”

We need to pray hard.  We need to work on ourselves first before we point the finger at others. (See previous post with the animation I Am Also That) We can learn the methods that will help us carry a more peaceful, relaxed vibration.  We can practice tried and true wisdom that will make our prayers more effective.

Please Bother.  Be a Healthy Cell. 

If you are interested in learning more about SoulCollage®  in the New Year consider joining us for SoulCollage® workshops.  Click on links below to learn more.

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Homemade Soup for the Soul #2

Psycho-Spiritual Soup Making

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My Favorite Thanksgiving YouTube: Gratitude Practice

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is my favorite gratitude meditation.  Do you have five minutes to let Brother Stendl-Rast transmit his gentleness into your day?  There are those that say that if you are only going to choose one Strategy of the Spirit, a Gratitude Practice will transform your life.

Checklist:  Are You Living Wholeheartedly?

Living Wholeheartedly Requires Self-Reflection

Self-reflection is, of course, a necessary Strategy of the Spirit.  I created the following Wholehearted Living Checklist to help you ponder, “How am I doing?”  It is my way of defining what Wholehearted Living looks like.

wholeheartedly, wholehearted living, brene brown

I wrote The Creativity & Camaraderie Club Handbook precisely to encourage people to live more wholeheartedly.  These creativity clubs celebrate acts of wholehearted living in the categories mentioned above.  Yet so many people are hesitant to live this way.  Why?

What Stops Us? What Gets in the Way?

Brene Brown is a researcher who studies people who live more wholeheartedly. She does the best job of articulating the hidden dynamics that undermine living with more  authenticity and courage. Her findings point to internalized shame and fear of vulnerability as the enemies of wholehearted living.

“Shame is best understood as the fear of not being worthy of connection.” 
“Those who live more wholeheartedly have this in common:  They have a strong sense of believing they are worthy of love and belonging.  They have the courage to be imperfect and permit themselves the vulnerability to live with authenticity.”  Brene Brown

Do Yourself a Big Favor

Listen to this Brene Brown TedTalk.  It’s funny, warm, wise and extremely accurate.

Social Connection & Wholehearted Creative Action

Like Brene Brown, my professional conclusion after 20+ years is that individual psychotherapy can only take people so far.  I witnessed how the SoulCollage® groups I facilitated healed another level of shame and isolation that one-on-one therapy can not provide. When people are connected, accepted, witnessed and supported in safely structured community they thrive.  (I share that structure in the Handbook.)

We simply DO NOT come into fullness as human beings in isolation.  

 My Wish For You?

I hope you will make the choices that allow you to check off every box on this checklist!

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Emotional Contagion is Real

Strategy of the Spirit #14  = The Company You Keep

Your mother knew the significance of emotional contagion.  She knew that who you hang out with will have a profound influence on the outcome of your life, for better or worse.

Understanding how people affect you means that you can do a better job matching what you need at any given moment to what your energy requires.
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