Home Biofeedback:  Proven Relaxation for Skeptics, Know-It-Alls & Non-Meditators

Biofeedback:  You Can’t Fool Mother Nature

Home biofeedback helps Sally sleep much better.  John stopped having panic attacks after practicing with it regularly.  Denise uses it to relieve chronic pain. High-achiever Bob thought meditation was nonsense and said he had no time for it.  He learned the hard way that his intellectual opinions do not Read More→

Dreaming in Color:  Quick 5-Step Dream Interpretation Tip

Dreaming in color does NOT necessarily mean that you actually see or experience the color in your dream. Many people do not see color in their dreams, yet there is, instead, just an awareness while dreaming that something is a certain color.  When analyzing a dream, simply having the sense that something in your dream was a certain color will be enough to let you use the great five-step resource mentioned below. Read More→

Old Sayings/Modern Wisdom #4:  Are You Shining or Shouting?

Old sayings, wise sayings and proverbs use the power of metaphor to help us ponder truths about human nature and ourselves.  They can sneakily embed pictures of  “transformation truths” into our minds in a way that analytical lectures cannot.

The Sneaky Power of Proverbs

The sneaky power of proverbs is that they can Read More→

Discernment:  Good Questions for the Confused, Conflicted, the Betwixt & Between

John was confused.  He came to see me saying, “I don’t know what to do.”  As his confusion grew, so did his anxiety and sense of pressure.  He was in danger of making a quick decision, thinking it would put an end to his misery.  He was about to jump from the frying pan into the fire.  I needed to slow him down, and Read More→

Women in Transition:  The Invitation You’ve Been Waiting For…      

Let’s face it.  Just when are we ever NOT women in transition?  

You may be one if you find yourself saying things like this to yourself:

  • “I’m feeling stuck in life.”
  • “It’s time for a change.”
  • “Life is boring, I need to find the courage to change something.”
  • “Is that all there is?”
  • “My life, relationships and body have changed, but something in me doesn’t feel finished yet…”
  • “The things/friends/activities that used to interest me don’t anymore.”
  • “I didn’t ask for this, but now that it’s here, what am I going to do?”

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Old Sayings, Modern Wisdom #3:  Going Nowhere Fast?

Clearly, the feeling that you may be going nowhere fast is not new.  People have been wondering if their life might be going in the wrong direction for ages.  That’s why there are so many wise sayings about this very human second-guessing.  From time to time in this blog I create an image to accompany an old saying or wisdom proverb.  Here is the latest… Read More→

Are you Root Bound or Depressed?  Resistance to Change…

Resistance to change is natural.  We all do it, often in ways we are not conscious of.  This resistance to change can take many forms including addictions, physical illness, accelerating activity, lethargy and depression.  (For a wonderful Read More→

Drowning in 3″ of Water? Four Coping Skills for Highly Sensitive People

Do you suspect that you (or someone you love) are feeling overwhelmed a bit more often, or a bit more easily than others?  coping skills, feeling overwhelmed, highly sensitive person, highly sensitive people, strategies of the spirit, strategy of the spirit, drowning in 3" of water, choose life

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