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5605309 - high luxurious lighthouse staircase with metal guardrail and opaline walls, eckmul brittany

5605309 – high luxurious lighthouse staircase with metal guardrail and opaline walls, eckmul brittany

Seven Good Questions for a Life Well Lived

Good Questions to Ask Yourself Regularly

If you want  to live a life well lived you need to reflect on your  life at regular intervals.  Why? Because…

If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there?

and…. Read More→

Pope Francis’s Ten Tips for a Happier Life: Why I Like Them

Pope Francis’s Happier Happiness

I led a study group on Taking Happiness Seriously some years ago. There are more books, podcasts and blogs now on Happiness than ever before.  What has become clear is that Happiness is not simply an elusive emotion that some lucky people have and others do not.  Happiness is Read More→

Old Sayings/Modern Wisdom #11: Are You Rowing or Waiting?

Do You Have an Internal Locus of Control?

Are you an innie or an outie?  Do you believe that your choices and actions play a large role in helping to create your life experience? Or, do you feel that your life experience is mostly due to external forces?  Do you passively wait for things to get better? Or do you actively engage in healthy experiments to improve your mood or situation?   As part of this blog’s Old Sayings / Modern Wisdom series, the old Polish saying found below will give you a metaphor to integrate this important principle… Read More→

Why & How to Use Invocation Prayer?  Two Great Resources to Get You Started

Invocation prayer and sacred poetry are not just for “true believers.”

Memorizing poetry and reciting it is a practice that falls under Strategy of the Spirit # 9:  Saturate Thyself.   Modern neuroscience and age-old wisdom traditions tell us that what we hold in mind has a very real, powerful effect on our mood, bodies and neurochemistry.

What Have You Been Invoking Lately?

How do you set the tone for your day?  With conscious intent or reactive emotion?   Watch your language!  It has true power.  What are you invoking? Do you say things often that sound anything like:

  • “I can’t stand……”
  • “I hate …..”
  • “Crap, it’s ……”
  • “Life sucks, and then….”

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How to Write a Poem By Accident in Four Fun Steps (by Word Magnet Tracey Lazore)

It’s Poetry Month Again

…so I asked my friend and poet Tracey Lazore how to write a poem.  Why bother?   The benefits of simply reading poetry are surprising!  (I wrote about them in last April’s post, Ten Benefits of Poetry Month You May Be Missing.)  Tracey has been a member of my Creativity & Camaraderie Club for the past seven years.  Every month she blows us away with her power poetry.   I wondered how she does it.  She explained that she often plays a poetry game to overcome creative procrastination and to invite spontaneous inspiration.  Here is one game she plays: Read More→

Why does this Personality Type Test Make Us Cringe? (When It Can Actually Transform Our Lives)

There Are Many Personality Type Tests…

but there are only three I routinely use in my practice.  People generally love taking personality assessments and then talking about what type they are with their friends and family.  Interestingly, the personality type test that can really transform our lives and relationships is one that first makes us cringe.  We often do not like what we learn about ourselves when we discover our Enneagram type.  Why? Read More→

Old Sayings / Modern Wisdom #10:  Your Biggest Block to Personal Transformation

Personal transformation happens to all of us across our lifetime. 

The question is, “what direction is your personal transformation leading toward?”  Are you evolving or devolving?   No one, I repeat, no one, gets to maintain the status quo forever.  Sooner or later life invites us to make a different response.  Will we respond with positive growth or will we resist and stagnate?

Getting Unstuck

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