Set Yourself Free: Time Management, Social Media & Depression

Do you sometimes wonder if the time you spend online is helping you live your life to the fullest? 

As someone who just joined the social media and online world one year ago, I was stunned at how quickly it began to insidiously take over my life.  I was determined to take my life back. My favorite way to do that is listed below. It is NOT just a time management issue. Social media use can be quite addictive.  This can sneak up on us.  Do you or anyone you love suffer from any of these…?

Ten Symptoms of Internet Use Disorder

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Note to Self: Fun Visualization Technique to Increase Power of Intention

Power of Intention Increased with Modern Day Message in a Bottle via Email

Are you aware how much the research supports guided imagery?  The imaginary rehearsing of your most desired future actually increases the likelihood you will live into it.  Olympic athletes, stage performers and top public speakers know this. I don’t remember where I discovered this fun visualization technique, but I have used it often to increase my power of intention.For the past three years it has been my own private:

  • Cheerleading service  (Dear FutureMe, hang in there…this too shall pass. I’m proud of the way you handled yourself with dignity and the kindness you showed to….)

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Your Favorites List:  Top Ten Psychobabble Wisdom of the Year.  Did you miss any?

I’ve put together a favorites list of the most viewed, liked and pinned posts from this year.  I am celebrating the one-year anniversary of faithfully posting one blog a week. Sharing the psychobabble insights I’ve gained in my 20+ years as a psychotherapist is helping me make the transition as I redesign my work life for the next decade (I turned 60 this year.)  There has been enough interest in the blog that I plan to continue.

Your Top Ten Favorites Were: 

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Being on Time: The Psycho-Spiritual Practice for the Rushed & Overwhelmed

Being On Time is a Life Discipline with Profound Implications.

On the surface, this Strategy of the Spirit is simple.  It consists of this: Make it a practice to arrive five minutes early for every scheduled activity. (No matter when you think others will really arrive or the meeting will start.)  Use that time to Read More→

Recipe: Homemade Soup as a Psycho-Spiritual Practice?

Homemade Soup:  Creative, Nurturing, Embodied

Last week’s post talked about the importance of Strategy of the Spirit #13:  Embody Thyself. (Three Reasons You Need an homemade soup, recipe, embodied, strategies of the spirit, strategy of the spirit, bean and artichoke soup, Embodied Spiritual Psychology + The Obvious)   I’ve decided to continue on that theme and let you know how much I like soup. So from time to time, I’d like to share one of my favorite soup recipes with you. 

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3 Reasons You Need an Embodied Spiritual Psychology + The Obvious

I have never separated Mind Body and Spirit in my psychotherapy practice. I know that if I assign my clients homework in each of these arenas their transformation and healing is accelerated.  

Strategy of the Spirit # 13 is called Embody Thyself. Why?

  1. Your thoughts and emotions have an immediate and profound impact on your body, health and wellbeing.  If you are serious about maximizing wholehearted living, you will Read More→

The Common Sense Vaccine: Seven Good Self-Help Books

Does the Thought of Being Caught Reading a Self-Help Book Embarrass You?

Sometimes self-help is better than no help at all.  Saturating yourself with good information and wisdom sources is Strategy of the Spirit # 9

Have You Ever Wondered Why Common Sense is Called Common?

I once overheard an emergency room physician say, “When they invent the common sense vaccine Read More→

Hope With Muscle: Old Saying, Modern Wisdom #2

A large part of my job over the years has been to instill hope in the lives of people who are struggling.

Nothing is more annoying or dismissive than simplistic platitudes like “think positive”, “look on the bright side”, Read More→