Old Sayings /Modern Wisdom #9 Plus The Bell I Can’t Unring

If You or the People You Love Eat Food

Old sayings say a lot.  The old saying “You can’t unring a bell” came to my mind after I watched the powerful TedTalk you will find below. Why? Because after watching it I simply cannot “un-know” the alarming science and political facts behind the increasing toxicity of our food supply. “You can’t unring a bell” means that once something has been said and heard, or once an action is known to have been taken, that knowledge is out there.  It’s influence will continue, for better or worse.

Exploring Your Relationship with Food is a Basic Strategy of the Spirit.   Pin Unring Bell#2

“If you are on a spiritual path, I invite you to consider the benefits of truly exploring your relationship with food. Food is a profound doorway into spiritual growth, because how you experience food is how you experience life.”   

Edge Magazine, Spirituality & Food

Think Globally Act Locally

The information contained in the TedTalk below invites us to act and agitate for change by making informed food choices. Will we influence the politics involved by buying organic for our families and voting for GMO labeling? Yes, organic is more expensive sometimes.  Will you spend your money for health or for co-pays at the doctor?  Are you aware that:

  • Other countries will not allow these questionable and toxic food modification practices and American companies honor their requirements and regulations abroad while continuing to market these foods and ingredients to us in the USA? 
  • It has been known for years that the concern over harmful pesticides found in human breast milk is increasing, but in the meantime scientists work to increase the amount of weed killer used on our crops? These pesticides are linked to neurodevelopmental problems in children. The Center for Occupational & Environmental Health, Berkeley
  • The amount of allergic reactions to food is increasing dramatically. (Specific information in the TedTalk below.)

The Bell I Can’t Unring

Now You Know. Can You Unring that Bell?

Will this information prompt you to make empowering food choices? Remember:

Without the body, your spirit doesn’t have a leg to stand on!

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